Saturday, March 23, 2013

Garbage in...... Garbage out

Oh wowsers its been like a year since my last posting :-/ if it makes you feel any better my life this past year really hasn't changed that much from a year ago. Some things are different and that's because when garbage comes in garbage gets taken out. Meaning I haven't put up with a lot of peoples crap hahahaha j/k actually it means what it says "Garbage in....Garbage out" Never allow the negativity of the world to over take the positivity that you bring into it...... Honestly I'm horrible at sticking to this rule. And the worse of it all is the fact that I genuinely care about everyone who is in my life. Call me Miss Sensitivity. I joke or make fun but I also have this knack to tell the truth pretty much ALL the time. I use to say that others cannot make you feel guilty about anything. I was wrong.  The strongest emotion is love and when you love someone(or everyone as I cannot help) they can make you feel like the worst person ever. And most of the time its unintended. We can't take out all garbage because well no one is perfect including myself. I think I'm pretty awesome.... or at least have been told that. That is something that I've tried to remember most lately...... Be POSITIVE.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Change....Isn't it funny?

It's funny in an odd way, to look back on life to about 8 years ago and see how much people,(not only yourself...meaning me) have changed. Some for the better and some in ways that you.... I  never thought could change. I can remember being in High School and hating it. But lately I've been thinking about how simple life was back then. How much fun it was and how carefree we all were. I see today that some of the same people I knew then haven't changed drastically,while others have done a 360. I think it just proves that it doesn't matter who we were in high school or how everyone saw us as or how we saw others, I think what matters is how we see ourselves today. We are all victims to change no matter if its drastic or graduall. It gets to us ALL when the time is right. 

I know that I've changed a lot in the past 8 years and I can only be grateful that I have. I think of the typical question...."If you could go back and change anything in High School, would you and what would you change?" Now there are many answers to this two-part question. I'm on the fence with some of them. I guess my first answer would be nothing, I wouldn't do anything different, because everything I did before brought me to what I'm doing now. Then my second answer would be... I would've stayed on track with college. Making it a bigger priority in my life.....Oh and getting the tatoos on my ankles higher more like on my thighs so that they don't irritate me so now :) Those would be the only changes I would make, because all the things I did and said and thought, did bring me to where I am now and though my life isn't perfect and I'm not perfect, and I have a lot of things that I still want to do and strive to be better at, mentally, physically, emotionally and all the ally's I can think of I truly am happy with the me that I've become.  Change is just as constant in our lives as Love is. NOW..... I can't wait to be a victim of LOVE Bwahahahahahahaha
Happy Reading!!! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Oh boy has it been forever since my last post. Well lest re-cap....
October- Went by in a blur. My grandpa asked me to make a video of his life with pictures. Crazy asking me such a thing since I had no idea how to do so, but I started then to scan all the pictures into the computer. For Halloween I went to this huge dance party at the Hangar with the great Mari Bersch.
November- Also went by super fast, but I know that since then I've grown up. HAHAHAHA that's hilarious to type. Everyone grows up (I know) but its different. I see things differently and I'm not so quick to react dramatically about things which is nice :) I like growing up....sometimes.
December- I made a lot of cake balls. Mainly due to the fact that I was in my Best Friend Elizabeth's wedding!!!!!! Yes, she and mike got married on December 16th 2011. For her bachelorette party we wore tutu's and strutted our stuff down Mill Ave. It was great. But I made cake balls for 2 weddings and Bridal showers and a Christmas party. WOW that's a lot I know, but I've gotten really great :) Christmas was crazy busy and went by so fast. But being around family was great.
January- I turned 26!!!!! Hurray Seriously I'm super happy to get older. The only downside to my Birthday month was that my Grandpa(the one who wanted the video of his life) Passed away. So I had to work fast and get the video of his life finished. I think I did a great job. His memorial service took place in South Dakota. Let me just say that South Dakota during January is COLD. I hate when its colder than 50 degrees out. It was 32 degrees most of the time We were there. CRAZY I'm definitely an ARIZONA GIRL. The other bad thing about January was when we flew to SD that was the first time in 15 years since I flew and guess who got a very bad case of VERTIGO? Yeah, me. It lasted almost 2 weeks. YUK.
February- Oh boy so ya know V-Day? Well it was just a good old Tuesday to me :) Except, I got sick. I've been getting sick a lot more these days :(
March-Well its still March and not mush has happened except that I know for a fact that I desperately want to travel. I want to go to New York for New Years Eve and to Ireland next summer. I hope I'm able to save enough $ to go. Well hopefully it wont be another 5 months till I post another entry, Keep well all.